2015; Artist-in-residence at Print Lab Daglicht.

Print Lab Daglicht is located on the campus of the Technical University of Eindhoven. Both institutions have a life of their own; the TU/e is focussed on technical innovations while Daglicht works with traditional graphic techniques. All the departments of the university are connected by foot bridges, but Daglicht stands alone and is not included in the network. I saw the absence of a bridge to Daglicht as a symbol of the gap between art and science. This insight was the impetus to attend an 8-week artist-in-residence period at Daglicht and to build an imaginary bridge between the institutions by initiating collaborative projects with scientists.

During my period at Daglicht I made contact with PhD students and professors who work with digital visualisation, including Jack van Wijk and Loe Feijs. Together we created graphic work on the border of science and art. In this short and intense residency period, most important were the cross-pollinations and the translations of science into art and vice versa. The first experiments have been created, with the goal of growing into solid and independent projects in the near future.

Luchtbrug was hosted by Print Lab Daglicht and supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.


Photography by Marcel de Buck

Photography by Marcel de Buck

Photography by Marcel de Buck

Design by Lyanne Polderman, printed at Jan van Eijck Academy