Heart Bloom


2015; 120x50x30cm; interactive multi-media installation.

Heart Bloom is a participatory live-art installation, which offers the audience a biofeedback experience through mechanical movement, sound, and artistic visualisation. Only when you experience excitement or fear you actually feel your heart beat fast inside our chest. However, without you being aware of it, the heart is continually changing its frequency. Biofeedback is a technique that measures physiological processes, and rapidly gives back the data to the users, helping them to be aware of their physiological conditions. Each heartbeat triggers one movement, creating a line or a dot. The variation of the heart rate is demonstrated by the pen’s behaviour in real time. The overall heart rate variability is reflected by the visual characteristics of the generated drawing on paper. Let the heart lead the brush!

More information at www.heartbloom.nl.

Heart Bloom is a collaboration with Bin Yu and is supported by the DI Group, Industrial Design, TU/e (Loe Feijs, Jun Hu, Mathias Funk) and Creative Industries Fund NL.



Heart Bloom Mobile is an application specially build for the Nederlandse Hartstichting. With Ipads and a STINT mobile Cart, the Hartstichting brings Heart Bloom to the public to raise awareness of heart diseases. On many events throughout the year you can find Heart Bloom in action. You can create a Heart Bloom based on your heart rate, print your card directly, e-mail it to yourself or to friends, post in on social media and make a donation to the Hartstichting.